Curriculum vitae

Work History:

LBS Kreativa Gymnasiet, August 2011 – present, Photography Teacher

Bild & Media Malmö, February 2010 – present, Self-employed/Freelance photographer

Mediegymnasiet Malmö, January 2010 – August 2011, Photography/Media Teacher

Sydsvenska Dagbladet, January 2006 – January 2010, Photographer/Media-producer


Training & Qualifications:

Photography, Representation and the Creative Process, University of Gothenburg, (15 ECTS credits) HT 2017

Bachelor of Arts in education for Teaching in Upper Secondary School/Adult Education in the Media Programme, Malmö University, (180 ECTS credits) 2008–2010

Media and Communication Studies, Malmö University, (30 ECTS credits) 2004-2005

Design and Layout, Malmö University, (7,5 ECTS credits) 2005

Digital imagery – from input to output, Malmö University, (7,5 ECTS credits) 2005

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Photography 2001-2004. (180 ECTS credits) First Class Honours, Kent Institute of Art and Design, Rochester, England.



”Esther the Adventurer” – Ronald McDonald House, Lund ­2017

“Frozen Flowers” – Maria Thorlund – Ateljé & Galleri, Lund 2015

”Silvula” – Skepparholmen, Saltsjö-Boo, 2010-2011.

”Silvula” – Dunkers Kulturhus, Helsingborg, RumEtt, 4 -28 September 2008.

”Silvula” – Exhibition at Restaurant Gazpacho in cooperation with Galerie Rose Marie, Malmö 2008.

”Protokoll” – Restaurant Gazpacho in cooperation with Galerie Rose Marie, Malmö, June-Aug 2007.

”Time Space II” – Miska Knapek and Marie Barthelsson. Galerie Rose Marie, Malmö, March 2007.

”Naturligtvis” –Katinka Andersson, Marie Barthelsson and Ewa-Marie Johansson Galerie, Galerie Rose Marie, Malmö, March 2005.

”This living thing” – A retail book publication Launched at the Royal Society of Arts, of images that Work as a`collective narrative, conceived and Executed by 35 photographers, with contributions from photographer Tom Hunter and writer Chris Townsend. The Royal Society of Arts, London, England 2004.



Venue Magazine – Year 2, Number 4, pages 37, 64, 65, 66 and 87, Winter 05/08

Aluma – De hemlösas tidning, Malmö, number 4, 2005, Year 5, pages 6-10

Aluma – De hemlösas tidning, Malmö, number 2, 2005, page 16

Gerlesborgsskolan Kursprogram, 2004.




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